cold sores newborn
Happens if you kiss a newborn with a cold sore in the mouth is what.

If you kiss occurred in a newborn with a cold sore mouth What? The baby was cold sore? I should gargle my first? I happen to have genital herpes.

Cold sores and genital herpes are two different things if you can. Was not sweet cold sores in the mouth of the baby. And care of others if you've seen them cold sores not to kiss the babies in their mouths. Just to make it easier. Rules about who. term mouth kissing babies. (Or pulp for sticky issue:. Eye Ear Nose etc.). Cold sores are herpes and infants,. Herpes is fatal. It put down their entire immune system. New moms will soon be studied about this before you leave the hospital because they make it easy a little knowledge. I recently read a few days ago about a new mother lost her baby girl that. 11-day course, and this same reason that she said was. "If I only know". Just a thought. This is not funny. Spread the word.

Mother Gives Baby Kiss of death Killing her baby